Troy-bilt tb330 review, pros and cons

Looking for troy-bilt tb330 review? Then you are in right place. A big part of regularly maintaining a home today can change from season to season. Therefore, it is not uncommon for homeowners around the globe to change their maintenance and repair plan according to the season. Specifically, when the summer months come in, and the family needs a good a lawn mower to help them to keep their grass cut properly.

This is one of the main reasons why you should pay close attention to what is being said about the Troy-Bilt TB330 lawn more and its many different benefits. This is because this product has been designed to meet a wide range of needs including keeping the property around the home cut, saving time, using a lawn mower that is both effective, and buying it at an affordable rate.

Troy-bilt tb330 Review

If you are interested in buying a new lawn mower, you should consider making an investment in the Troy Bilt TB330 model. This lawn mower has a lot of useful features that consumers can use.

The most notable of all includes a designed that has been equipped with a 21-inch tri-action cutting solution. Also, for those of you who are looking for a lawn mower that is the easiest to use, you can take advantage of its smooth self-propelled features.

Features of troy-bilt tb330

i. No tools for Assembly Design

If you want a lawn mower that is easy to assemble, the troy bilt TB3330 may be just what are searching for. According to consumers, this assembly only takes about 15 minutes and it does not require any special tools to put everything together.

ii. One Level Adjust Feature

Powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine. This lawn mower has been designed with a one level adjust feature that is simple to maneuver. very easy and smooth. Even with this one adjust level, it does a good job even on large hilly properties. Therefore, when you have rainy days, you are not concerned about yards filled with wet grass or clumps that mowers can’t go through.

iii. Designed with Variable Speed and Self-Propelled

Equipped with a 21-Inch TriAction cutting system. Buyers enjoy the variable speed drive design because it allows the user to set it on 2 for detail work and then set it to max speed for the long stretches.

iv. Rear wheel Driver Feature

8 x 8-inch high performance wheels. This lawn mower has been designed with rear wheel drive mowing. So, it is easy to maneuver around with a lot of power. This makes it a very good buy for those steep hills in different places.

v. Mulch or Rear bag

Comes with a 3-in-1 side discharge capabilities. Clean up is done as you go so it makes a dual function product. With the use of a 1.9 bushel capacity, clean up jobs are made easier and the owner can also collect the mulch.


 When you buy the Troy Bilt TB3330 Lawn mower, you will have the following specifications.

Model Number:12AKC2A3766
Cutting Width:21’’
Cutting System: TriAction
Ignition Method:Pull-cord start
Engine:Briggs and Stratton
Drive:Rear Wheel Drive
Deck Material:Steel
Cutting Height:1.25’-3.75’
Included Accessories:Rear bag and mulch kit
Speed:Variable up to 3.0 mph
Clipping Discharge:Rear bag/Mulch/Side Discharge
Consumer Warranty:3 years

Why We Like it?

 People who have purchased this lawn mower have expressed many reasons for enjoying its cut. For some, this lawn mower is used to get in the tight places where their riding mowers could not go. Even when it comes to providing a consistent cut down steep hills, users are saying that this lawn mower is doing a great job.

Who is it Suitable for?

This product is suitable for anyone who has the job of mowing their lawns during the spring and summer seasons. With the features that this lawn mower provides, it is an excellent alternative for those who want the propel lawn.mower over the push lawn mower. People who have small and large lawns can use it for tight spots and places riding mowers cant tackle. In troy-bilt tb330 review we have seen almost all feature and its suitable for small, mid or large lawns.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great reviews by Consumers
  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean
  • Consistent groomed professional cut
  • Sturdy build that allows anyone to cut both small and large areas and thick grass
  • Self-Propel
  • Affordable Price for the functionality


  • The self-propel mechanism loosens up over time. However, there is a fix that allows you to re-tighten the feature.


Overall, the Troy Bilt TB3330 is considered to be a good affordable buy for consumers. This lawn mower has a lot of useful features including since it is self-propelled, provides a consistent cut, and easy to assemble.

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Question: Is this lawn mower designed with an easy to start engine (first or second pull features)?

Answer: Easy to start engine, user can get the lawn mower started easily with one pull only

Question: Does this lawn mower run on regular unleaded gasoline or does its engine take some sort of mixture of more than one type?

Answer: This lawn mower runs on regular gasoline.

Question: What type of oil does it take to run it.

Answer: OIl is included, and runs on 15oz SAE 30

Question: How long does it really take for the product to be shipped

Answer: Can be shipped in as little as 2 days and may also depend on what the customer requests.

Question: Can the lawn mower be transported in the trunk of the average car?

Answer: NO

Question: is this lawn mower built to handle dense grass, including the lawns that have watergrass?

Answer: Depend on the setting that you use. For example, when it is on the highest setting, it Handles thick grass like a dream.

Question: Is this lawn mower easy to clean with a hose only.

Answer: Yes, you can use a hose to get under it to do a good job.


In this troy-bilt tb330 review, we have discussed almost everything about this product. However, for the amount that the homeowner pays and the features that The Troy Bilt TB3330 offers buyers are saying it is a good affordable price. Consumers are pleased with the consistent cut that it provides when the user is maneuvering around tight places on both small and large properties. With the self-propel action is it easy to cut efficiently in a shorter time frame and the cut is consistent. It really does not matter if the grass is thick and in some case cut after it has rain, the cut is consistently and is well groomed. The designs has built-in functionality that collects the grass that has been cut so that it can later be used as mulch. It is also easy to assemble within a space of about 10 minutes.

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