How to replace a lawn mower spark plug [Life Longer]

Replace a lawn mower spark plug is necessary. There is nothing as discouraging as being determined to mow your lawn, and then you realize that your lawn mower can’t hold up. You keep on starting it, and bad enough, it keeps on dying immediately after making some terrible what is the problem?

Your lawnmower might be having some lawnmower deficiency. Which means it might be having a problem with its spark plug. The only solution to this is changing it. Most people assume that this is a very hectic and tiresome work. The good thing is changing a lawn mower spark plug is one of the easiest and fastest processes. With a few dollars and some well-set tricks up your sleeves, you are good to go when it comes to changing your spark plugs of that lawnmower. You only need to follow the right process though.


For maintenance purposes, it is highly important that you replace your spark plugs frequently after a period of 100 hours. Replacing your spark plugs assures you of an efficient, reliable and easy to use the machine in your lawn. It also helps reduce the usage of fuel. It is important that you frequently check your spark plugs for adjustments. Sometimes change is not necessary but if so here are a few tricks to help you during that process.

1. Removing the old spark plugs.

Before anything else, it is important that you remove the old plug first before replacing it with a new one. Make sure you have worn protective gloves. Here are a few steps to do so;

  1. Make sure to let the engine cool then disconnect the plug wire. Clean around the existing plug to avoid getting harmful particles in the combustion chamber. This particle if not cleaned might end up blocking the system.
  2. Using a spark plugs socket disconnect the existing spark plug.
  3. Take up a wire brush then clean the area using a plug sprayer. If their other remnant, scrape of lightly using a knife. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning before you decide to put in another spark plug. After you have made sure that everything is set and the place is all clean, then you can go ahead to the next part which is to put in the new spark plugs.

2. Installing the new lawn mower spark plug.

After you have done the first set of steps, you are about to engage in installing a new plug.

  1. You first start by measuring the gap between the straight and the curved electrode. You can actually do this using a spark plug gauge. After these check for the specification of your new spark plug model and make sure it fits the one that was removed earlier.
  2. If the gap is inefficient, you can use the plug gauge to adjust the gap. Make sure the space you have provided is enough. Adjustments are done by bending the curved electrodes. What confirms enough gap space is if the gauge can move slightly through the gap.
  3. Finally, reinstall the new plug and make sure that it’s not all tight or too loose that it might fall off then make sure to attach the plug lead.
  4. After you have done all this, try using the lawnmower to make sure that it is working correctly. It might take a bit of time before the new spark plug works effectively. So make sure to give it enough time to adjust.

From this, we realize that just from a few dollars and just little effort your lawn mower can go back to normal. What used to be a beautiful lawn can still be beautiful. While purchasing this spark plug make sure they meet the expectation and fit the model of the previous spark plug. You don’t want to end up buying something that is not compatible and will end up not fitting.

Frequent maintenance of your lawnmower is also important. Especially if you want to keep your lawn mower’s working for a longer period of time. Oiling it is also a must-do for your lawnmower. Apart from that have fun turning that lawn into paradise with the well-maintained lawnmower.


1. Is it a must that I replace the spark plug frequently?

You don’t need to replace it if you are sure it is still fine. However frequent maintenance is important when dealing with your lawnmower.

2. How do I know the spark plug is the right size?

You can use a spark plug gauge to measure the plug and see if it equals the gap provided by the existing plug that you have removed.

3. How do I know that my spark plug is spoilt?

If you realize that its consumption of fuel is too much or if it removing a rattling sound when in use then that plug needs replacement.

4. Do I need any special tool for the replacement?

All you need are safety gloves, a plug gauge for measuring it and a pair plier to tighten the plug.


It is always good to have something in good condition so that it makes your work easy. Everybody likes to use less energy. Following the above steps, all you will do is less work to your liking. You do not have to remove a lot of cash to buy a new lawn mower yet you can use less to repair it.

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