How to Mow Wet Grass easily [Life Long Tips]

If you have done much mowing in your life, you know that it is far preferable to mow when it is dry out and the weather is nice. These are the ideal conditions for mowing a lawn. However, sometimes mother nature and other circumstances force your hand into having to mow wet grass. Mowing a wet lawn is not the same as mowing dry grass. There are going to be adjustments that you’re going to have to make in order to have success.

Mowing a wet lawn isn’t just about making the lawn look good–it’s a battle to keep your equipment in good shape, as well. This can be a little bit of a battle because wet grass and moisture tend to cause problems in mowers that you want to avoid as much as possible.

Mow Wet Grass

However, mowing wet grass is nowhere near impossible. It can be done with the right procedures and practices in place. We’re going to show you exactly how you should mow your wet lawn to make it look great and keep your equipment safe.

Mower Preparation

Use Lubricant

One of the worst parts about having to mow a wet lawn is that it has the potential to damage your mower. Mowers can be expensive and troublesome to fix, so you obviously want to avoid that situation if possible. The best way to prepare your lawn mower for mowing in wet grass is to spray a silicone lubricant in the bottom of the deck. This lubricant will help to ensure that the wet grass that you cut does not stick onto the blades and gum the whole system up. 

Mow Wet Grass use lubricant

Sharpen your Blades

Since everything becomes so difficult to cut through when it is wet and there is the potential for things to become clogged up, you want to put your mower blades in the best situation possible to ensure that they are going to be able to cut through your wet grass. Sharpening them beforehand does exactly that.

Check Air Filter

Air filters can easily become clogged up and rendered useless by one trip through wet grass. Make sure that the one you have on your mower is clean and dry before you mow. If it is dirty and needs replacing, it is easy to do so. Simply pick one up from your local hardware store and install it in the same place. This air filter will help to ensure that your engine runs well during the difficult task of cutting through wet grass.

best gas powered lawn mower

Raise the Mower Deck

Wet grass is often also tall grass. You can make things a little easier on your mower by giving it some more clearance and raising the deck. This will give your mower an opportunity to move through the grass easier as it will have more room to operate and it will also make sure that you are able to cut effectively. If you need to go through a second time at a lower height, you can do that as well.

Raise the Mower Deck


When the time comes to mow your wet lawn, there are some simple steps to take before you get started. Make sure that you maintain your mower and take all the precautionary steps such as lubrication and checking your air filter. While you are mowing the wet grass, be sure to monitor the effectiveness of your mower and take things slow. Mowing wet grass isn’t the most ideal situation in the world, but it can absolutely be done with the right knowledge and equipment.

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