Best Gas-Powered Lawn Mower Reviews of 2023 (Easy Utilize)

It is every homeowner’s dream to own a well-maintained lawn. This is why your choice of a lawnmower is essential. The best gas-powered lawn mower has lots of benefits compared to their counterparts. It is gentle on your arms since you are not required to use your energy when pushing the lawn mower.

Moreover, compared to electric lawn mowers, gas-powered lawn mowers give you the freedom to mow your lawn. This is because it doesn’t feature a cord that will ‘tie’ you down to a particular circumference and limit your mobility. Additionally, these machines are powerful, and you can choose a speed that suits the size of your lawn.

best gas powered lawn mower

Are you looking to buy the best gas-powered lawn mower in the market? Then you are in the right place. Below is a review of the top 10 best gas-powered lawn mowers. Since there are hundreds of gas-powered lawn mowers out there, finding the best all by yourself can drive you crazy. This is why I have taken the initiative of analyzing and reviewing only the top 10 gas-powered lawn mowers.

Who Is This Review For?

The gas-powered lawn mowers listed below are suitable for anyone who owns a lawn. Whether its big or small, one thing that homeowners share is the desire to have their yards looking well-maintained and superb! Let’s face it. A lawn says a lot about your personality. If it’s clean and the grass is evenly cut, then that shows how dedicated you are to beautifying your home. And, you can only achieve this with the aid of a gas-powered lawn mower.

A gas-powered lawn mower is a machine that can help cut your grass. It runs on gasoline, and this is an added advantage since it has the power to cut through tough grass with ease. This kind of lawn mower uses a little bit of gas to mow a significant sized lawn and it durable than electric mowers.

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Top 10 Best Gas-powered Lawn Mower Reviews

1. Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc Lawn Mower

Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower

I can proudly say that the Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc is one of the best gas-powered mower ever made. The mower is from Honda, which is a reputable brand in this field. It is powered by a robust 187cc engine that gives the ability to move with a higher speed and power. Its cutting deck is made out of NeXite, which is a durable and water/rust-resistant material. To make matters even better, it is 21 inches wide. This Honda allows you to vary the cutting height to 7 different adjustable settings, which starts from 0.75 inches to 4 inches.

Features and benefits

• Four options in disposing of the clippings

With the Honda HRX217K5VKA 187cc, you can either mulch, bag, discharge, or shred the clippings. You can also do a combination of all the above.

• The handle to three different positions

You, therefore, have the opportunity to choose one that is comfortable for you.

• Different Speed Settings

Another reason why people love the Honda HRX217K5VKA is that you can dial the handlebar to change the speed from 0-4mph. It makes it ideal for big lawns.

• Easy to Set-Up

Once you buy the Honda HRX217K5VKA, setting it up is quite simple. You can adjust its height just by squeezing the handlebar.

• Rust free material

Water droplets are something that you will always find in the grass. However, with this equipment, you need not worry about rust. This is because it is made up of rust-resistant material.

What I Like?

There are lots of things to like about the Honda HRX217K5VKA. However, there is one unique feature that makes it different from all other gas-powered lawn mowers. Its ability to increase speed to 4mph is an excellent feature. It means that no matter how big your lawn, you can quickly finish that task in a short period.

What I Dislike?

On the downsides, however, the Honda HRX217K5VKA has a small gas tank. Compared to other gas-powered lawn mowers, this particular one has a small container. It will mean that you will have to add more fuel frequently. But, when you take a look at the rest of the great features the Honda HRX217K5VKA has, this shouldn’t be your biggest worry.


  • It is exceptionally reliable
  • Boasts of a top top-quality build
  • A powerful engine that cut through anything
  • Has an excellent cutting performance
  • You can bug, mulch, discharge, or leaf shred your clippings.


  • Small gas tank
  • The removing bag doesn’t get off with ease at times.


There is no doubt that the Honda HRX217K5VKA has received much appraisal from its users. Its ability to exceptionally cut through grass makes it one of the most popular gas-powered lawn mowers today. It can handle the nastiest of terrains. Not to mention, its speed adjustability feature allows you to mow your loan in a short period.

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2. Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Push Lawn Mower

Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower

If you are looking for a lawnmower with performance capabilities and a variety of other features, then the Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 is the ideal choice for you. It is well designed to ensure a clean and smooth lawn. Its user-friendly design is what makes it a solid choice for homeowners looking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes.

Features and benefits

• It has six cutting positions

On a scale out of 100, I would give the Honda HRR216K9VKA a score of 95 in matters regarding performance. The six cutting positions allow you to adjust it to cut the level of grass in your lawn.

• Variable rear wheels

This gives the lawn mower stronger self-propulsion. You can also change the height of the wheels to suit the terrain of your lawn.

• Cushioned handles

As a result, you can be assured of efficient and comfy mulching.

• It weighs 84 pounds

This is by far one of the lightest lawn mowers I have ever come across. Its lightweight design comes in quite handy since to remove the clippings. You should turn over the mower. Moreover, transporting it will be much easier.

• A 160cc Honda GCV Engine

Though not as stronger than the engine of the Honda HRX217K5VKA. It is quite useful on the field and can cut through tough grass.

What I Like?

The thing that I liked most about the Honda HRR216K9VKA is its ease of use. It has a 41-inch handle, which is long enough for most users to control the equipment with ease. It is also designed to minimize the heavy vibrations. Also, its grip is tight and comfy. You could mow for an extended period without tiring quickly.

What I Dislike?

Unfortunately, the Honda HRR216K9VKA has a noise level of 98.5 dB, which can be quite inconveniencing. You can counter this noise, however, by wearing earplugs or headphones. Compared to other models, the Honda HRR216K9VKA isn’t that loud.


  • Assures powerful and clean cuts
  • It offers excellent maneuvers compared to other gas-powered lawn mowers
  • It has a potent rear wheel drive
  • Durable
  • The Honda HRR216K9VKA provided fantastic mulching


  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Only has four levels of adjusting height


When you weigh out the pros and cons, you will conclude that this is a worthy investment. With its comfortable design and low weight, the Honda HRR216K9VKA has lots to offer a yard enthusiast. The lawn mower is super easy to use, offers excellent performance, and it has a reasonable price.

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3. Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind High-Wheeled Lawn Mower

The Remington RM1159 is the ideal lawn mower for big and heavy duty jobs. Sit boasts of a 22-inch cutting swath that can cut through grass and weeds with ease. Its large cutting diameter also makes it ideal for cutting grass in all hard to reach areas such as near fences. The wheels of the Remington RM1159 are built to walk over any terrain with ease.

Features and benefits

• A 159cc OHV Gas Engine

The Remington RM1159 has a powerful 4-cycle gas engine that allows you to cut through tall and tough grass with ease.

• 22 Inch Cutting Swath

Its swath and trimmer head is designed in a unique shape that can trim around fences, garden beds, and other borders with lots of ease. Unlike other lawn mowers, this one can accurately maw all the grass on your lawn.

• User-Friendly

The Remington RM1159 was built for everyone. Whether it’s your first or hundredth time using it, you won’t incur any difficulties. It has an off-set timer that allows you to use it with ease.

• A Comfy Folding Handle

Since lawn mowing isn’t a ten-minute activity, the handle of the mower you choose is vital. The good news is, the Remington RM1159 has a comfortable handle. It can also be folded, thus ensuring easy storage.

• Large ball-bearing 14-inch wheels

With such kind of wheels, the terrain of your lawn shouldn’t scare you. This lawn mower can easily move through it.

What I Like?

I have used the Remington RM1159 several times to mow my lawn and I one thing I loved about it, is the unique design. The trimmer head is built in a way that it can access all hard to reach areas. You can all bear witness how hard mowing the corners of your lawn is, mostly because of the rough edges. But, this isn’t the case with the Remington RM1159. You can easily cut through grass and weeds irrespective of where they are in your lawn.

What I Dislike?

As with all great things, the Remington RM1159 does have its downsides. Some of the plastic parts of the equipment aren’t that durable. It would have been better if Remington had replaced the plastic with rust-resistant metal. Nonetheless, if properly maintained, the plastic covering can last longer.


  • Its 159cc engine is quite powerful
  • The trimmer head can cut through the grass in hard to reach areas
  • It has a long cutting swath which measures 22 inches
  • Has the capability to slice through grass and weeds easily
  • An advanced and easy to use set up


  • Some of its plastic parts aren’t durable
  • There is some difficulty with its self-propelled capabilities
  • Limited warranty


Have you got tall and nasty weeds in your lawn? Then this is your number one go-to lawnmower. The Remington RM1159 allows you to cut through tall grass and weeds in all hard to reach areas. It also allows you to change the cutting height to a more suitable size. Its’ comfortable handles are a plus.

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4. Husqvarna 7021P Honda GCV160 Push Mower

Husqvarna 7021P 160cc Honda GCV160 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 7021P 21-Inch is the perfect choice for those looking for the best gas push mower on a tight budget. With this piece of equipment, you can keep your lawn looking beautiful and well-manicured at all times. Its 160cc powerful Honda engine isn’t the only reason why it is a favorite to many, but people also love the compact design and reasonable price tag.

Features and benefits

• 3 in 1 cutting system

It can mulch, bag and discharge the clippings on the side.

• A total of 9 height adjustments

You can adjust the Husqvarna 7021P from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches. This will allow you to cut the grass in your lawn to your preferred height.

• A 21 inch wide cutting path

This makes it ideal for cutting all small and medium-sized lawns. It ensures you will spend less time on your lawn while using up less effort.

• Impressive set

An Impressive set of 12-inch and 10-inch wheels in the back and front respectively. The dual bearing wheels guarantee smooth operations on your lawn. And it gives you access to any kind of terrain.

• Versatile handle

Unlike most lawn mowers which have a long or short handle, the Husqvarna 7021P has a versatile handle. In that, you have the freedom to adjust it to a height you are comfortable with.

What I Like?

The wheel alignment is the main thing that made me fall in love with the Husqvarna 7021P. Most lawn mowers have poor wheel bearing, therefore making maneuvering around the lawn a bit hard. This isn’t the case with the Husqvarna 7021P. The wheels are large enough and have double ball bearings which ensure smooth movement.

What I Dislike?

At times, the cutting height adjustment is a bit troublesome. This problem is, however more common in older models. Nonetheless, this is something that can easily be repaired.


  • It’s relatively easy to maneuver
  • A powerful and easy to start Honda engine
  • Affordable price
  • Large wheels which have double ball bearing
  • The handle can be adjusted


  • The cutting height adjustment feature gets problematic with time
  • The performance is minimized when you use the mulching plug
  • Requires frequent maintenance


In conclusion, the Husqvarna 7021P is an excellent lawn mower which has lots of advanced features. Owning one gives you the power to mow your loan in a short duration while using up little effort. Additionally, its engine is built to provide performance and produces lesser noise compared to its counterparts.

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5. PowerSmart DB2321S Lawn Mower

PowerSmart DB2321S Lawn Mower

PowerSmart is one of the leading manufacturers of lawn mowers. The PowerSmart DB2321S is one of their best lawn mowers in the market. It is a powerful machine that has the capability of mowing an average sized lawn in a matter of minutes. The PowerSmart DB2321S is powered by a 161cc engine that produces outstanding results.

Features and benefits

• It’s powered by a 161cc engine

Judging from the size of this engine, this isn’t an ordinary lawn mower. With such a powerful engine, the PowerSmart DB2321S can make mowing a lawn a relatively easy task.

• Features Easy Pull Starting

There are some models of the PowerSmart which had a difficult pull starting. Fortunately, the PowerSmart DB2321S doesn’t come with that problem.

• 3 in 1 Bag

This particular feature is what makes this lawn mower unique. The 3 in 1 bag has a side discharge which allows you to spread the grass clippings to the side. As you may know, these clippings play their role in adding nutrients to the soil.

• Height adjustment

You can adjust the PowerSmart DB2321S in five different positions. This will allow you to cut through grass easily.

• 8 inch rear wheels

The primary role of these rare wheels is to ensure smooth movement of the lawnmower.

What I Like?

I like the side discharge feature of the PowerSmart DB2321S. As beneficial as mowing our lawns is, how we get rid of the clippings matter. Instead of dumping them elsewhere, the PowerSmart DB2321S has a side discharge where the grass clippings are spread within your lawn. In due time, the soil in your lawn will absorb the nutrients from the clippings as they decay.

What I Dislike?

The only problem with the PowerSmart DB2321S is that it has a limited warranty of 2 years. When you compare it with other lawn mowers, you will observe that they have a warranty of more than three years. Nonetheless, PowerSmart is a reliable lawn mower manufacturer. And, their team is always ready to help you out and give tips even after the warranty period is depleted.


  • A powerful 161cc engine
  • The side discharge allows clippings to be spread in your lawn
  • You can adjust its height to 5 different positions
  • It can move with ease thanks to its rear wheels
  • Feature a compact and lightweight design


  • Limited warranty
  • Requires frequent oil change
  • Some users have complained that it’s a bit too fast


There are a few lawn mowers that have capabilities similar to the PowerSmart DB2321S. This is why it is in the list of the top 10 best gas-powered lawn mowers. This equipment is relatively easy to operate, and it’s made of durable steel guaranteeing you that will serve you for a long period.

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6. Craftsman M105 3-in-1 Push Mower

Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

The Craftsman is the perfect choice for lawn enthusiasts who are looking for a powerful and yet durable gas lawn mower. Despite being a new lawn mower released recently by Craftsman, this 140cc gas-powered mower is an advanced piece of equipment. It is coupled with recoil and auto choke features. The latter allows you to pull and start using. The Craftsman 105 is worth its current price and will serve you well.

Features and benefits

• Dual Lever Adjustable Cutting Height

you can choose from 6 different height settings and pick one that suits your preference.

• Two sets of wheels

It has a set of 7 inches wheels in the front and 8 inches wheels in the back. This awesome combination ensures smooth movement of the Craftsman 105, making it suitable for a variety of terrains.

• 140cc Engine

Despite its small size, the 140 cc engine provides sufficient power capable of mowing your lawn to completion. The engine is also equipped with auto choke which ensures a quick start of the mower without any fuss.

• 21-inch cutting deck

Unlike other lawn mowers where you will have to go back and forth on a particular spot so that you can cut the grass. The Craftsman 105 has a 21-inch cutting deck that cuts the grass in one quick pass.

• 3 in 1 Discharge

The Craftsman 105 can discharge clippings from the side, rear and it can also mulch.

What I Like?

The reason why I would highly recommend the Craftsman 105 is its auto choke feature. Compared to lawn mowers of its category, starting the Craftsman 105 is relatively easy. There is no fuss or complications involved thanks to the auto choke feature. All you have to do is pull to start. And also, its engine has been recoiled for better performance.

What I Dislike?

As efficient as the Craftsman 105 is, its engine size is relatively small. If you look at the lawn mowers I have ranked above. You will notice that none has an engine size similar to that of the Craftsman 105. It is due to this reason why I would advise you to buy it if you own a small lawn. It will be more efficient on a smaller lawn.


  • The Craftsman 105 is 100% choke free
  • Features a 3 in 1 convertible deck
  • It has an additional mulch kit which puts nutrients back into the soil
  • Has an adjustable loop handle
  • You can change the cutting height settings from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches


  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Small sized engine
  • Small wheel size


For homeowners who were looking for the best small gas lawnmower, then the Craftsman is the ideal choice. Its build, engine size and the cutting deck were designed for a standard sized lawn. You will also enjoy using it thanks to the auto choke feature. Despite the wheels being small, they have been treaded to give them a steady grip on the lawn.

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7. Troy-Bilt TB330 3-in-1 Rear Push Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB330 163cc 21-inch 3-in-1 Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawnmower

On a scale of 1-10, I would give the Troy-Bilt TB330 a rating of 8.5. Falling under the gas-powered walk behind lawn mower. This is a tool that will make lawn mowing super easy. No matter how thick the grass in your lawn is, the Troy Bilt TB330 has the power to cut through it in one quick pass. The rear wheels contribute heavily in giving this lawn mower the power to drive forward. The handle is quite sturdy and comfortable thus giving you the power to steer to the direction you deem fit.

Features and benefits

• 163cc Briggs and Stratton Engine

This isn’t just your ordinary engine. It facilitates four different speeds, thus making the Troy-Bilt TB330 ideal for big lawns.

• Ready Start feature

It helps the engine start with ease. It is a sensor designed to combine the temperature outside with the fuel to create stability in the engine.

• Self-propelled

Being a gas powered lawn mower, the Troy-Bilt TB330 is capable of mowing a lawn with uneven ground. It also comes in quite handy in lawns that have lots of bends, trees and flower beds.

• Tri-Action Cutting System

As stated earlier, irrespective of the thickness of your grass. This lawn mower has the power to cut through it in one sweep.

• Handle fitted with several safety features

This lawn mower tends to go quite fast, especially if you engage the top speed. Therefore, you need to use it while observing all safety measures. Fortunately for you, the handle is fitted with several safety features.

What I Like?

This might seem a bit weird since this is the first gas powered lawn mower that has a no oil change system. That is, you don’t need to pour out the oil from time to time. The manufacturer only asks the users of the Troy-Bilt TB330 to add oil to the engine whenever it reduces in quantity. This particular feature makes maintenance relatively easy, and it’s the main feature I loved about the Troy-Bilt TB330.

What I Dislike?

Its top speed is too fast. There is no doubt that all of us wish to spend less time mowing our lawns. However, when using the Troy-Bilt TB330, I observed that the top speed is too fast. I would highly recommend you use lower speeds for both effective lawn mowing and safety.


  • A strong and powerful engine
  • Easy movement facilitated by the 8-inch wheels
  • A three-year warranty
  • You don’t have to change the oil system
  • Provides 3 in 1 bagging, mulching, and side discharge


  • Top speed is too fast
  • The side discharge feature isn’t as effective as the mulching
  • The bagger is heavy when full


Troy-Bilt TB330 is an exceptional lawn mower that is suitable for any lawn size. It boasts of advanced features that make lawn mowing a piece of cake. The gas-powered lawn mower features 8-inch wheels which ensure smooth movement irrespective of the lawns terrain.

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8. Husqvarna Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 22 Inch Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

It is one of the few lawn mowers that defy convention with its bright orange body and all-wheel drive functionality. It does a marvellous job at cutting grass in different types of lawns. Its key strength is the all-wheel-drive mechanism that allows it to conquer any terrain it comes across. It also comes with a large capacity bag. You will, therefore, spend less time emptying it when it’s full. The Husqvarna has a 22-inch swath capable of cutting through all types of grass.

Features and benefits

• Powered by 140cc Briggs and Stratton Engine

This is a powerful engine that features a 4-cycle with overhead valve. This engine size is perfect for standard sized lawns.

• 22-inch steel mower deck

No matter how thick the grass in your lawn is. The Husqvarna has a 22-inch steel mower deck that can cut through grass effectively.

• 3 in 1 mowing capability

You can set it to discharge the clippings via the side or preferably it can be bagged or mulched.

• Large ball bearing wheels

With this kind of wheels, the terrain shouldn’t worry you. The Husqvarna can move through both even and uneven grounds with ease.

• An adjustable handle

Comfort is guaranteed with the Husqvarna self-propelled gas lawn mower. This is because you can adjust the handle in three different positions.

What I Like?

The all-wheel-drive functionality is one of the main features I liked about the Husqvarna. This feature allows you to conquer steep or hilly terrains with lots of ease. All you have to do is adjust the wheels at a particular position.

What I Dislike?

Unfortunately, the Husqvarna has a big bag for storage beneath it. When it gets full, it rides low and may collide with the ground. But you can conquer this problem by replacing this bag with a standard sized one.


  • It has a robust and reliable engine
  • Features a big bag that minimizes the number of times you have to empty it
  • All-wheel drive functionality
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • A comfy handlebar


  • It has a big bag that may collide with the ground when full
  • The handle is a bit chunky
  • Some users have claimed that it has too many plastic parts


When you buy the Husqvarna, you are guaranteed of both effectiveness and reliability. Its large rear wheels offer excellent maneuverability and can handle any kind of terrain. It boasts of a unique and compact design. There is some space in between the handle that allows easy removal of the bag. Also, the price of Husqvarna is pocket-friendly.

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9. PowerSmart DB2321P Push Lawn Mower

PowerSmart DB2321P Lawn Mower

Gardening equipment manufacturer PowerSmart recently released two gas-powered lawn mowers in the market. Earlier, we had discussed the PowerSmart DB2321S. It’s now time we take a look at the PowerSmart DB2321P Lawn Mower. This one also features a compact design, and its price is also a bit lower than other lawnmowers. It has a 161cc gas powered engine. The small size of the PowerSmart DB2321P allows it to operate easily in hard to reach areas.

Features and benefits

• Powered by a 161cc engine

The big engine size of the PowerSmart DB2321P allows it to mulch large lawns in a matter of minutes if not hours. It generates the right amount of power suitable for cutting through thick grass.

• A 3 in 1 bag

It allows you to discharge the clippings via the side so that you send nutrients back to the ground. Also, it offers mulching and storage capabilities.

• Five position height adjustment

PowerSmart manufacturers did take into consideration the fact that not all of us share the same height. Therefore, with the PowerSmart DB2321P, you can adjust the height of the handle into five different positions.

• Four-wheeled lawn mower

Since the PowerSmart DB2321P has four wheels, this means that it has a low center of gravity, you can thus control it with ease.

• Sharp and solid blade

It can cut through grass and weeds in one clean sweep.

b) What I Like?

The PowerSmart DB2321P weighs 63 lbs. It is the lightest push mower in this category. Its lightweight design allows you to push it with ease. Moreover, it is quite portable. If you are looking to join the lawn mowing business, then this is the perfect lawn mower for you.

c) What I Dislike?

Despite being an upgrade from other PowerSmart lawn mower models, I feel that the manufacturer used too much plastic in this particular lawn mower. As a result, I would only recommend it to be used in light lawn mowing tasks.


  • It’s powered by a robust engine
  • Easy to use
  • Boasts of a sharp and solid base that can cut through all types of grass
  • You can adjust its height
  • Mulching capabilities


  • Most parts are made of plastic
  • The start to pull feature isn’t effective all the time


PowerSmart DB2321P is perfect for small yards. With this equipment in your storage, your lawn will always look neat and groomed. It’s quite thrifty on the gas, and you can get it at an affordable price. It also has a deep deck design which allows room for better mulching.

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10. Yard Machines 140cc Push Lawn Mower

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower

MTD is well known for manufacturing excellent equipment, and the Yard Machines 140cc lawn mower isn’t an exception. This is the kind of lawn mower that will serve you for years as long as you take proper care of it. It is one of the most affordable lawn mowers on the market, and at the same time, it is quite effective. The 140cc engine provides enough power output for all your mowing needs. Moreover, it has a 20-inch steel cutting deck that is ideal for medium sized lawns.

Features and benefits

• It has a 140 cc OHV Engine

Though not as bigger the engines in other lawn mowers. The 140 cc does provide sufficient power to mow a medium sized lawn.

• A 21-inch steel deck

Which also comes with a dual lever height adjustment suitable for smooth movement.

• Compact Design

The Yard Machines has a small and compact design which makes it an excellent choice for small sized lawns.

• Offers Side Discharge and Mulching Capabilities

Thanks to these two options, you can send nutrients back to the soil with lots of ease.

• 7 by 11-inch wheel sizes

This ensures easy turns and maneuverability.

What I Like?

The compact and lightweight design of the Yard Machines is one of the main reasons why I included it in the top 10 best gas-powered lawn mowers. If you are looking for the ideal lawn mower for a small lawn, then this is the right tool for you. It uses up little amounts of gasoline, and the maintenance costs are quite affordable.

What I Dislike?

If you are looking for a lawn mower with advanced features, then this isn’t the right equipment for you. It doesn’t feature a catcher bag and a couple of other features which are found in the above lawn mowers.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Has an efficient cutting deck
  • Makes good cuts
  • Excellent price
  • The 140cc engine provides a substantial power output


  • Doesn’t have a catcher bag
  • No mulching capabilities
  • Lacks advanced features 7


Though the Yard Machines is last on our list, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t better than the rest. It has a lightweight build and design. The engine is small but very powerful. Its cutting deck has been designed to offer efficiency. It is a reliable option for gardeners who prefer a lawn mower without a catching bag.

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Buyer’s Guide

As mentioned earlier, finding the best gas mower isn’t an easy task. There are a variety of factors that should guide you when you are looking for the best gas lawn mower. Depending on the needs of your lawn, you should find one that has features which are tailored to serving your lawn for the longest time possible. Here are some aspects you should consider when buying a gas lawn mower.

• The Speed

This is the most crucial factor to consider. If you own a big lawn, then it is mandatory for you to have a mower that has a fast speed setting. This will allow you to use up less time when mowing your loan. However, if your lawn is relatively small, then a mower with a single speed capability will do the trick. For those who own big lawns, you can find some models above that have a speed which can be adjusted to 4mph.

• Maintenance

For your gas-powered lawn mower to last longer, you must carry out regular maintenance on it. Failure to do so could lead to a decrease in performance and efficiency. However, newer models of gas powered lawn mowers don’t require frequent maintenance. Most of the above listed top 10 gas lawn mowers do not require regular maintenance.

gas-powered lawn mower

• The Size

When it comes to lawn mowing, the size matters. You should, however, know, the bigger the lawn mower, the more features it has. However, if you have a small lawn, then a big lawn mower may not be ideal for you. You can find the best small gas lawn mower that will meet the requirements of your lawn.

• Your Budget

Your budget plays a significant role when it comes to buying the best gas-powered lawn mower. Most people say that cost shouldn’t be your number one consideration when purchasing equipment. But, does that mean you should buy an expensive gas lawn mower and forego all other expenses? Probably not! From the above list, you can be assured of finding a gas lawn mower that meets your budget needs.

• Noise

As you may have seen above, some gas-powered lawn mowers emit loud noises when being used. If the noise affects you in one way or another, you can opt for the ones that emit the least sound. There are some models that have been manufactured to reduce noise production.

gas powerd mower

• The Weight

We have put this factor at the bottom of the list since these mowers are powered by gas. Therefore, weight may be of less importance to you. However, if you have several lawns or own two or three homes. You may have to transport your lawn mower to other locations frequently. In such a scenario, you may consider a lawn mower that is a bit lightweight. This will ensure easy portability.

Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

Below are the frequently asked questions about lawn mowers. Familiarizing yourself with them could help in understanding how gas lawn mowers work and whether you should invest in one.

Question: How often should I add gasoline to my lawnmower?

Answer: When the fuel gauge runs low. Most gas-powered lawn mowers will have an indicator that will warn you when your fuel is about to run out.

Question: When do I replace a mower blade?

Answer: When it becomes blunt. You will realize this when you notice your mower takes longer to cut down grass.

Question: Where can I sharpen the blade?

Answer: you can find blade sharpeners at convenience stores or lawnmower retail shops.

Question: How often should I change the oil in my lawn mower?

Answer: This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should find this information from your manual. There are some manufacturers who say it should be changed within a month and others ask you to do so after two weeks.

Question: How tall a field of grass should my gas-powered lawn mower cut?

Answer: With the above models, you can select the level of grass you wish to cut. However, for grass that is too tall. It is best if you use a tractor lawnmower. This is because using a gas-powered lawn mower to cuts such would be overworking it.

Question: Are gas-powered lawn mowers dangerous?

Answer: It is safe to say that any equipment which isn’t utilized is dangerous to you. You should, therefore, handle it with care and regular maintenance of the tool will ensure its safety.

Final verdict

Before buying a lawn mower, you need to consider what you are expecting to get out of your purchase. The best gas-powered lawn mower is an excellent investment. This is why you need to be keen when choosing one.

The above is a list of the top 10 best gas lawn mowers. Note that these models differ in terms of speed, engine size, and cost. You should, therefore, pick the one that meets the needs of your lawn. If you own a big property, you should buy a lawn mower that has the power and speed to cover the enormous sized yard. And, vice versa. Also, before you make a purchase, make sure you go through the buyer’s guide and FAQ. The two will help you in making an informed purchase. Once you find the perfect lawnmower, don’t forget to conduct regular maintenance. And use it as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer in the manual.


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