Hi! If you’re looking for a new push lawn mower, you might feel overcome by the vast and incomprehensible choice on the market! You want to now you’re going to be looking at the best push mowers, but how on earth are you going to manage to know which push mower is the right one? You’ll be wishing that you could find a guide to searching for the great push mowers! Well, you happen to be lucky enough to have come to the right place!

In this guide to the top ten push lawn mowers, you will find a breakdown of the features of my selected items, my personal feelings about the push mower that I’ve looked at, as well as an easy-to-read bullet-point summary of the pros and cons of each lawn mower. When you need a new push mower to get control of your unruly lawn, whether you’re replacing an older model or if this is the first push mower you’ve bought, this will serve as a handy source of information of the best models available today. If you’ve got a small yard, then you’ll be needing a push mower to keep the lawn in order, so you can use this guide to find information on the best lawn mower for a small yard.

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Who is this the review for?

If you have a vast expanse of lawn around your house, then you might be interested in buying a ride-on mower, which you can use to cut grass through large areas quickly. But if your lawn is slightly more modest in its size, you’ll be needing a push mower, which you can push rapidly across your yard to keep the length of your cut grass in check. So, if you are looking for the best lawn mower for a small or medium yard, then you will find this guide very helpful. Now we’ve got the way, let’s move on to the list of the push mowers!


1. Best Overall: GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Push Mower


Our list of the top Push Mowers begins with the GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower. This push Mower comes with so much, which is worth having, which makes it astounding that it comes with a low price tag! With a 20 inches cutting deck made of durable steel, a powerful motor that can cope with most things that get thrown at it. The 7-position height adjustment system, and the fold-ability for storage purposes, this lawn mower is undoubtedly a piece of kit you could be proud to have.

Not only does it have all this, but the manufacturer, GreenWorks, is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a 4-year warranty so you can be sure that your money is safe with this one.

Features and Benefits

# 20 inches steel deck

Durable 20-Inch Steel Deck, able to cope with rocky and challenging terrain. Save on replacing the blades with these hard-going blades!

# 12 amp motor

Powerful 12 amp motor, which deals pretty well with most challenges it could face: wet grass, tall grass, etc.

# Adjustable height

7-position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height for all grass types, no matter what length grass you have, this push mower can mow lawn easily!

# Foldable

Foldable for compact storage, which is excellent! Having concessions towards room is very important, so I am always thrilled when manufacturers take note of this!

# 4-year warranty

4-Year warranty to ensure your investment is protected! It’s great to see that the manufacturers have confidence in their products. Won’t you feel happier knowing that your purchase is safe for a few years?

What I like

It’s just got great all-round functionality, and at this low price-point, it’s just difficult not to be thrilled with what you’re getting, mainly since a 4-year warranty protects it. Aside from that, the durable steel blades will survive going over rocks and will not need to be replaced for quite some time, which is something I’m appreciative of. Furthermore, it’s great to have a 20 inches cutting path, especially after trying some of the other lawn mowers on the market with much narrower cutting paths.

What I dislike

There are more powerful lawn mowers available, but not necessarily at this price.

  • A cutting deck made of durable steel
  • 16 inch wide cutting path
  • Five-position height adjustment
  • mulching, side discharge, rear bag
  • Foldable for storage
  • Four years warranty

  • Less potent than some competing models.


Why focus on what it doesn’t have when what it does have is pretty much everything you could want from a lawn mower. If you’re looking for the best lawn mower, then this one earns its place on this list of the top push mowers by being reliable and convenient.

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2. Best Gas: Honda HRX217K5VKA Gas Push Mower with Clip Director and MicroCut Blades

Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower

In at number 2, on the list of the push mowers is the Honda HRX217K5VKA. This gas push mower is an absolute beast, and it comes with an absolute beast of a price-tag. For your money, you will get an extremely powerful gas-powered mower, which will cut more extensive lawns with ease. With a name like Honda attached, you can be sure of the quality of the motor.

As well as raw cutting power, this lawn mower also has a self-propulsion system, taking all of the back-breaking efforts out of mowing. All you need to do is walk behind the push mower and steer it, and you can let it do its job without needing to worry.

Features and Benefits

# 21 inches cutting path

Twenty-one inches cutting path, which is plenty wide enough (in fact, it’s the 2nd widest on this list)! It’s terrific to have a push mower which beats such a wide path through your lawn.

# Self-propulsion system

Self-propelled, which means no back-breaking labor for you! Having a self-propulsion system like this makes a big difference; it takes all of the work out of yard-work. Wouldn’t you feel great as you cruise effortlessly across your lawn while your neighbors collapse in pools of sweat? It’s a feature like this, which truly makes this push mower worth its hefty price-tag.

# Gas-powered

The Gas-powered motor makes this the powerhouse that it needs to be. It can coast through wet grass, tall grass, thick grass, and weeds, and it’s well suited to all terrains. Is this the best lawn mower for wet grass? It’s probably the best lawn mower in general, so long as you can stomach the price. Especially if you have a large lawn, but more on that to come.

# Adjustable Height

4 cutting height adjustment positions, enabling you to set your push mower to suit your grass and cut grass easily. This gas mower can cope easily with tall grass so long as you remember to do the vital job of setting the blades to the correct height for your lawn!

# Suitable for large lawns

Suitable for more extensive yards, due to the impressive power of the Honda motor and the gas-powered engine, you should easily be able to cope with a more extensive lawn.

What I like

The Power! It’s a powerful push mower for vast lawns! Seriously, this is one of the perfect push mowers money can buy. It copes with anything you care to throw at it, no matter how large your lawn nor how hardy your grass. As well as this, the self-propulsion system is a significant bonus for me. It’s nice to go out and do your yard-work and then to come back inside without feeling physically broken!

What I dislike

The price tag gave me pause for thought, it’s a big purchase, and you need to be sure before you buy it. Besides that, compared to some of the other lawn mowers on the list, this push mower has a disappointingly smaller number of blade height adjustments.

  • Extremely powerful and able to cope with any challenge
  • Self-propulsion system which takes the pain and difficulty out of mowing
  • This mower is rear wheels drive
  • Perfect for large lawns
  • Copes easily with difficult patches of grass

  • Very expensive! Be sure you want it before you buy it!
  • Disappointingly few blade height adjustments


This one of the ideal lawn mowers you can get, easily, hands down, very little contest. But it comes with a big financial commitment, so you might want to think before buying. If you do buy, then you won’t be sorry for the massive improvement it makes to your yard-work!

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3. Best Budget: Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

The Greenworks 40v push mower, which is number 3 on this list of the best mowers, has a lot of upsides, from its mid-range price to its powerful battery, making it entirely cordless. The battery might not be as some competitors, but the fact that it doesn’t cost so much money makes it worth it if you ask me.

In terms of what else the push mower offers, it is just a very standard lawn mower, it lacks the kicker of some kind of golden feature or selling point, but it does what it needs to do very well and, after all, isn’t that the main thing?

Features and Benefits

# 40 volt Lithium Battery

The push mower is powered by a 40 volt Lithium Battery, which is powerful enough to deal with big patches of grass on rough terrain. The manufacturers advertise a runtime of up to 60 minutes, and I was able to mow my lawn easily on one charge.

# 16 or 17-inch cutting path

The Greenworks 40v mower is not as extensive as many competitors but should be fine for most patches of lawn, especially if you have a small yard. Besides, the efficiency of the mowing goes to show that size isn’t everything!

# Lightweight and versatile

Versatile and lightweight, meaning it’s not too hard on your back when you’re mowing, nor is it too difficult to manage when you need to put it away.

# Adjustable height

Five-position height adjustment, allowing you to control how tall you want your lawn to be and making it easier to cut tall grass.

# Powerful enough to cover a large number of yards on one charge

According to the manufacturers, “Up to 34% of U.S. homes only need one charge to get the job done”, meaning that there’s a good chance that your home will have the right sized lawn for this push mower. It’s one of the contenders on this list for the best mower for a small yard.

What I like

The lightweight design is a big plus for me, this best budget mower was easy to use, and it wasn’t taxing at all on my back. Having this lightweight design made it easy to store, which is a good thing! Apart from that, it’s just a good, reliable, and typical lawn mower, definitely a contender for the best lawn more for small yards.

What I dislike

The 16 or 17-inch cutting path is narrower than I would like, and I’m not entirely confident that the mid-range price-tag has justified by the unique features (or lack thereof). Still, the price has explained by the quality of the mowing, which is, after all, the main point.


  • Powerful battery with a long life which is plenty for small patches of lawn and which copes well the weeds and tall grass
  • Lightweight design which makes the yard work much easier and which simplifies the process of storing the push mower when it’s not in use
  • Adjustable height to deal with different lengths of grass.


  • The cutting path could be more extensive for the price of the push mower.


The is a push mower that functions very well. It lacks many of the frills you would get with another lawn mower you might find, especially if you’re looking for one of the high budget push mowers, but this push mower earns a space on this list by how great it is at doing its primary job.

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4. Best Electric: Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric push Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

Time for number 4 on the list of the best walk-behind mowers. The major selling point for this push mower is the speed with which it can power through the mowing. The mower is one of the best lawn mowers to buy if you see yard-work as a chore rather than a pleasure. Furthermore, the price-tag is in the lower end of the spectrum, so it’s eminently affordable

The main downside to this push mower is the cutting path, which is only 14 inches wide, so its definitely a lawn mower for a small yard, rather than a large one.

Features and Benefits

# 12 amp electric motor

Powerful, 12 amp, an electric motor which quickly and effectively cuts back even wild and out of control lawns. The Sun Joe MJ401E has no problems whatsoever dealing with tall grass.

# Cord length of 100 feet

Maximum extension cord length of 100 feet, giving you just that little extra length, which should come in handy. Who wouldn’t want a slightly longer extension cord for their corded mower?

# Adjustable Height

Three-position height adjustment, allowing a degree of adjustability, although certainly not as much as some other of the push mowers that we have looked at.

# Compact, easily maneuvrable and storable

If you have a moderate amount of storage space, The electric push mower should fit comfortably, and you will find you have no difficulties whatsoever moving the push mower around your lawn.

# Detachable hard-top grass catcher

This electric mower comes with a hard-top grass catcher which detaches for easy disposal. Some lawn mowers have softer grass-catching bags, which can create a bit of a mess when you need to dispose of your trimmings, but this hard-top catcher is much easier to manage.

What I like

The basic functionality is lovely, It mows the lawn quickly and effectively. The machine is maneuverable and efficient. Apart from that, the hard-top grass catcher is something that I think all of the excellent push mowers should have, as it makes the disposal of the grass trimmings much more comfortable than the alternative.

What I dislike

The narrower cutting path, only 14 inches, is less enjoyable than many of the competing lawn mowers on the market, although if you have a small lawn, then that probably won’t matter to you so much.


  • Very useful and efficient push mower cuts quickly through the grass
  • Hard-top grass collector for ease of disposal
  • Can purchase side discharge separately
  • Compact and easy to store, helping to save space
  • Low-range price-tag


  • Cutting path of only 14 inches
  • Fewer cutting height adjustment settings than other lawn mowers


This push mower might not be the best lawn mower for a large yard, but it more than earns its spot on this top-10 list by being just so efficient when it comes to mowing the lawn. For an easy, speedy mowing experience, this is the push mower you want.

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5. Best Lightweight: BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

On to number 5, in the list of the top push lawn mowers. This piece of kit is astounding! It converts easily between Lawn Mower, Strimmer, and Edger and all within a low price bracket. This machine is perfect if you need to save space, with its compact design and 3-in-1 functionality.

The push mower is available in either corded or cordless versions. The cordless model is battery-powered, while the corded version comes with a cord-retention system to prevent accidental disconnection

Features and Benefits

# 3-in-1 functionality

Converts from a push mower to trimmer to an edger for 3-in-1 functionality, and that is the big selling point of this machine. It’s perfect if you need to save space, and you don’t want to have three separate items cluttering your storage area. The BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower is probably the best lawn mower for small yards.

# 6.5 amp motor and PowerDrive transmission

The 6.5 amp motor and PowerDrive transmission which provides maximum performance when cutting through tough weeds and grass. I found minimal difficulty when dealing with tough patches, although I’m not sure how the push mower would cope with wet grass.

# Adjustable cutting height and 12 inches cutting path

Cutting Heights- 1.6 inch./2.4 inch. Cutting Path- 12 inches. It has an adjustable cutting height, which you would expect from any of the perfect push mowers, but it only has a 12 inches cutting path, so this is a push mower for small lawns.

# Lightweight and adjustable design

Best lightweight design with adjustable handle and height positions. This push mower is comfortable and convenient to use. You can adjust it to suit your needs so that doing your yard work doesn’t need to be a back-breaking chore.

# Cord retention system

The cord retention system is only relevant if you decide to buy the corded version rather than the cordless model. The Cord retention system means that the cord won’t accidentally become disconnected while you do your work, which takes out some of the pressure, which sometimes comes with corded lawn mowers.

What I like

I absolutely love the 3-in-1 functionality. It’s perfect for somebody with limited storage space and a small yard. The trimmer and the edger work very well, while the push mower functions great as you want it to. Apart from that, it is very comfortable to use, being lightweight and adjustable to suit your needs.

What I dislike

The narrow cutting path of only 12 inches is significantly smaller than what you would expect when you’re looking for the good push mowers. Furthermore, in the name of compactness, they have not included a bag for grass clippings, so the grass just gets strewn across your lawn.


  • 3-in-1 functionality combining push mower, trimmer, and edger
  • Available in either cordless or corded models to suit your preference
  • Power-drive transmission to maximize cutting power
  • Fully adjustable to suit your needs and the needs of your lawn
  • Cord retention system for the corded model, to prevent accidental cord disconnection


  • Very narrow cutting path of only 12 inches
  • No Grass clippings connector
  • Less powerful for dealing with wet grass


I genuinely believe that this push mower is a beautiful piece of kit. Especially if you have a small yard or a lack of storage space, then this is one of the ideal lawn mowers for you, all at an extremely palatable low price point.

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6. Best Battery Powered: Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Battery Powered Cordless Push Mower

Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower

Number 6 on this list of the best mowers is the Greenworks Twin Force cordless push mower. This push mower has many benefits, including a powerful battery which, although not as powerful as some others on the market, comes with a somewhat palatable mid-range price tag. 

 The major selling point of this lawn mower is the innovative dual-blade system, which not only increases cutting power but also improved the mulching capabilities of the push mower. Furthermore, the inclusion of a smart-cut system that controls power usage by need truly puts this lawn mower at the cutting edge of mowing technology.

Features and Benefits

 # Cordless, with a 40-volt battery.

The battery is advertising as lasting around 40 minutes at a time, and the push mower comes out of the box with two batteries, so you can always have one battery charging while the other is in use. However, in my experience, I found that the batteries didn’t last quite as long as promised, which was fine for me as I managed to cover my yard with the available power, but if you have a larger yard, then you may want to buy spare batteries.

 # 20-inch cutting path

This push mower comes with a 20-inch cutting path, which enables quick coverage of medium-sized yards. Something of this size is pretty standard if you’re looking for the best lawn mower.

 # Smart cut technology

The Innovative smart cut technology will automatically adjust how much power to use based on the thickness of your grass, giving you that extra burst of energy when you need it.

 # Dual blade system

The battery-powered push mower comes with a dual blade system that offers a better quality of cut and improved the mulching abilities of the lawn mower. If you’re going to use your grass trimmings for mulch then something like this will come in very handy! Besides, it makes up for the lower power from the battery quite well, making it just that bit easier to get through wet and tall grass. I’m not saying this is the best lawn mower for wet grass, but it certainly doesn’t have too many problems in that department.

 # Adjustable Height

5 position height adjustment system allows you to set the distance that the blades should be from the ground.

What i like

The Dual blade system is a novel way of improving the cutting abilities of the push mower without using a stronger power source. This dramatically lowers the price of the machine, which is always something I can appreciate! Aside from that, the smart-tech power control system is a great addition to this push mower which really makes it worth its mid-range price-tag.

What i dislike

The battery life didn’t seem to be as good as expected, which is definitely disappointing. If you have a larger yard then you may want to get a spare battery.


  • Duel Blade system which helps cut through tough grass without using so much power.
  • Cordless design, no cables trailing across the yard
  • Smart-cut technology which adjusts power consumption to what’s needed to cut the grass on your lawn.
  • Blade height adjustment to control the length of your lawn.


  • The Battery life isn’t quite as good as advertised, which is a bit of a disappointment.


The Greenworks push mower is a perfect mower, which faced up to most of the challenges which came day by day. Just make sure that you get an extra battery if you have a larger stretch of lawn to cover.

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7. Best Powerful: EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower

EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower

The EGO Power+ comes in at number 7 on this list of best push lawn mowers. This push mower makes big promises, and boy does it deliver. The Manufacturers, EGO, pledge that this push mower will give all the power of a gas mower, but it’s fully electric, powered by a rechargeable 56-volt battery. This power pays off. Of all the lawn mowers I tested, this one was the best when dealing with tall and wet grass, powering through it with no problems whatsoever.

However, this high-power push mower comes with a high-end price-tag to match, so you need to be sure you need this extra power before you decide to buy it. It qualifies as one of the best electric push mowers.

Features and Benefits

# Powerful, 56-volt battery with Rapid Charger

This battery can cut the mustard when it comes to competing with gas-powered lawn mowers. It has a runtime of almost an hour and takes only around 30 minutes to recharge again, so if you find you lose power in the middle of mowing your lawn, you can hook it up to the power while you go and have a refreshing beverage of your choice.

# 20 inches cutting path

This 20 inches cutting path (or thereabouts) is pretty standard when it comes to the top mowers. So there’s nothing here to complain about, it does the job quickly, especially if you have a small yard. 

# Durability in all-weather conditions

The EGO Power+ push mower might be the best mower for wet grass, and it just doesn’t seem to have any difficulties with any rough patches on the lawn. You get what you pay for in terms of power with this mower.

# Folds for compact storage

We all need to save space, which is why I’m so glad that so many of these push mower manufacturers build their products with these space-saving features. The EGO Power+ comes with the customary folding parts to facilitate ease of storage.

What I like

This machine is just powerful. In terms of the ideal push mowers, power is what you need. The top push mowers can handle whatever comes its way, be it wet grass or tall grass, and this is one of the perfect push mowers you can get. It always does the job you need it to do, over and over again.

What I dislike

The price is quite high, including the price for replacement battery packs, which can be a put-off unless you need the extra cutting power.


  • Potent and long-lasting battery
  • Quick charging system for batteries
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • Cuts effortlessly through wet grass
  • Fold-able for compact storage


  • The high price is somewhat off-putting


The EGO Power+ is a terrific lawn mower, and it is one of the best powerful lawn mowers. If you need to keep cutting your lawn in all weather conditions and if you don’t want to go for a gas mower, then this could well be the push mower for you.

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8. Best Cordless: Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless Push mower

Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 19-Inch Lawnmower

In at number 8 on this list of the best push lawn mowers is the Snapper XD 82V MAX. I liked this push mower almost immediately (seriously, this is one of the best cordless push mowers you can get)! The primary selling point for me is the fact that it is cordless by its rechargeable battery pack. Who wouldn’t want all of the benefits of not needing to trail a cable across the yard, but without the hassle and expense of buying gas to run the darn thing!

Apart from the rechargeable battery power, it also uses a brilliant piece of technology that gauges just how much strength the push mower needs to cut through. Whichever patch of grass it is currently working on, meaning that it never expends more energy than it needs to! How smart is that? It sounds like one of theist push mowers if you ask me!

Features and Benefits

# Rechargeable battery power

I can’t stop talking about how much I love this feature! It’s so beautiful not to have to worry about trailing cables and not having to make sure I’m well stocking up on gas! The battery life is about 45 minutes, which was plenty for my yard, but if you need longer, then not to worry at all. The push mower comes with two batteries as standard, so once one has used up, you can just put it back on charge (the charging time is very speedy!) and replace it with the second, fully charged battery! For this alone, this push mower could well be one of the best cordless push lawn mowers that you could buy today!

# 19 inches cutting path

The cutting path is slightly disappointing, as you can get lawn mowers with more extensive cutting paths, but ultimately it didn’t cause me to take too much extra time when I mowed my lawn.

# Smart technology to adjust power usage

Oh, boy, is this great! The push mower measures how much energy it needs to cut through the grass, meaning that not only does it save on power most of the time, but it also gives you that extra bit of energy you need to get through tall or wet grass.

# Cutting height adjustment with seven settings

As with the Black+Decker MM2000, this Snapper SD push mower has an adjustable cutting height, which means you can trim the lawn to exactly your preferred height. The available heights range from roughly 1.5 inches to almost 4 inches.

# Compact for storage

Certain parts of this push mower can fold away, making it just that little bit more compact for storage, which can be very important if you are short of space. It’s not quite as dense as some of its competitors, but that little bit compactness can make all the difference you need it.

What I like

Have I mentioned the rechargeable battery pack yet? Seriously, I love the cordless, gas-free aspect of it all, and it just makes the entire mowing experience so much better. Apart from that, it’s a perfectly good mower that lifts to be good for difficult patches of grass with its smart-tech power management system.

What I dislike

The 19 inches blade is smaller than some of the competitors, while the mid-range price-tag might give you pause for thought if you’re thinking carefully about your budget.


  • 2 Rechargeable batteries, each with a lifespan of 45 minutes
  • Smart power adjustment system which controls energy usage as you go
  • Adjustable blade height to control the length of your lawn
  • Smaller and more compact for storage


  • Mid-range price might be too much for some people
  • Cutting blade is shorter than many competing models


I was thrilled with this push mower, and I think that most other users would be too. The price is quite high, but if you feel you can afford it, then this is a fantastic push mower, which is well worth the price.

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9. Best Mulching: Husqvarna Honda GCV160 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 7021P 160cc Honda GCV160 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Continuing our list of the best push lawn mowers, we move on to the Husqvarna 7021P. There’s so much to love about this push mower, from the slightly extended cutting path of 21 inches to the fact that the handle can fold down when it’s not in use, making the whole machine easily storable in very tight spaces. This lawn mower is very compact all-round, making it perhaps the best lawn mower for small yards.

This push mower is so comfortable and easy to use; it just seems to glide around the lawn with no issues at all. It made my yard-work feel like a dream! Furthermore, the handle of the push mower line with a comfort grip, which makes a difference if you have a lot of mowing to do!

Features and Benefits

# Gas-powered

This push mower is gas-powered, with a Honda engine, which is perfect if you don’t want to have cables trailing across your lawn, or if your yard is too big for the wires to reach. You need to make sure you have gas available when you need to do some mowing!

# Maneuvrability over a variety of terrain

The manufacturers, Husqvarna, make a big deal about the 12-inch rear wheels, which they say improves maneuverability. Well, that’s the experience I had, as I was able to take this push mower around my uneven and bumpy lawn with no difficulties whatsoever.

# Adjustable, comfort-gripped handle

Yard work can be taxing! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve left the yard after an afternoon’s hard work feeling broken and bruised all over. So, any concession towards improved comfort is okay by me! I was able to set the handle at a height that was comfortable on my back, and the comfort grips made the entire more experience much more pleasant than it could have been.

# Foldable for storage

Storage space can often be at a premium, so being able to take a large piece of equipment such as a lawn mower and make it smaller is extremely valuable. If storage space is essential to you and if you are looking for a lawn mower for a small yard, then this could be the best mulching push mower for you.

# Powerful Honda Engine

If you’re dealing with a dangerous stretch of lawn, then you want to make sure that your lawn mower can keep up with it! The mower is especially true if you’re dealing with damp grass or tall grass. Make no mistake about it, the Honda GCV160 is a powerful engine, and this could maybe be the best lawn mower for wet grass available today.

What I like

This push mower is all about comfort and convenience; it takes some of the efforts out of yard work. Who doesn’t want that? It doesn’t struggle too much with wet or tall grass, and being able to fold it away for storage is a big bonus. Add to this just how maneuverable it is over difficult terrain, and you are looking at a very desirable lawn mower.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/D2BHSLnNH7U?controls=0&amp;start=35" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What I dislike

Its mid-range price feels just a little steep, given its lack of astounding special features, but on the other hand, the small improvements of all-round quality may justify the extra expenditure.


  • Adjustable height for comfort to save stress on your back
  • Comfort grip on the handle to benefit your hands
  • The powerful motor which can cope with touch patches of grass
  • Foldable for storage in tight spaces
  • Copes well with rough terrain


  • lightly pricey, although it is a high-quality lawn mower
  • The gas motor requires gas! Even more expenses


All in all, this is a perfect push mower, and buying it will be a long-term investment as it will reasonably continue to function well for quite some time, which is why it makes it onto the list of the cheap lawn mowers.

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10. Best Corded: BLACK+DECKER MM2000 13 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER MM2000 Corded Mower

The final item on the list of the best push lawn mowers is another push mower by BLACK+DECKER. The mower is a classic lawn mower at a low-to-mid-range price. With a cutting width of 20 inches and a grass collection bag with a capacity of 13 gallons, you should be able to blitz through your yard-work in no time at all. Add in the handle which aids the eases of carrying the lawn mower around your yard, and you have a push mower equipped with the features that all of the best push lawn mowers should have.

Furthermore, the Black+Decker M2000 comes equipped with the ability to adjust the height of the blades, all the way from 1.5 inches to 4 inches away from the ground, something which genuinely marks this push lawn mower out from the crowd.

Features and Benefits

# Cutting path of 20-inch width

This corded lawn mower has a blade that will cut a path that is 20 inches wide. That’s more than a foot and a half! Can you imagine how quickly you can cut through your lawn with a cutting path of this width?

# Nylon grass collection bag with 13 gallons of capacity

The grass collection bag can hold up to 13 gallons of grass! As you mow your lawn, the trimmings with being sucked into this bag, making it easy for you to dispose of them at your leisure, once the bag becomes full (and with a 13-gallon capacity, that won’t be very often at all)!

# Carrying Handle

The carrying handle makes it easy to move your push mower around, which comes in especially useful when taking it out for use and putting it away again after you have finished with it. Lawn mowers can be cumbersome pieces of equipment, so carrying handles such as this one are a significant benefit!

# Height adjustment with seven settings from 1.5 inches to 4 inches high

The ability to change the height of the blades means that you choose which length you wish to cut your grass! Why settle for whatever setting the manufacturer thinks your lawn should be? You know your yard, and you know how long you want the grass.

# EdgeMax Technology

Black+Decker’s EdgeMax technology means that you can take the push mower right up to the edge of your lawn to cut with precision. You can even run the lawn mower tightly along a wall or fence, and you can be confident that the cut will be even and thorough.

What I like

This lawn Mower doesn’t necessarily have any stand-out unique features, but it is an excellent all-rounder that will perfectly suit the needs of most keen gardeners. In terms of just doing the job you need it to do, it does it very well, which for me means it earns a spot on this list of the best push lawn mowers.

What I dislike

Some of the parts, especially the handle, feel a little bit flimsy. Normal use should be fine, but it feels like a little extra pressure could maybe cause some minor damage. Nothing you can’t fix with ever-useful duct tape, though!


  • Large Capacity bag for holding cuttings
  • EdgeMax technology helps to get the edges of your lawn looking neat and tidy
  • Adjustable height of blades means you can style your lawn just how you like it
  • Reliable and easily usable


  • The slight flimsiness of less critical components
  • Nothing exceptionally unique, but that will be fine for most gardens


The mower might not be the most excellent lawn mower of the market. Still, it is undoubtedly terrific for essential jobs you could need it for, and given the reasonable price, it would be an excellent piece of kit for most gardens.

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Buying Guide Of Push lawn Mowers

When looking for a lawn mower, there are several things you need to look out for:


Can it cope with the kind of grass you need it to deal with? There are many different requirements you might have. Is the green grass on your lawn, unusually thick or weedy? Do you live in a rainy climate, requiring you to have a push mower that can cope with wet grass? Do you expect to be using your lawn mower to cut tall grass? There are all things you need to know the answer to when you’re looking for perfect lawn mower; there’s no point in buying the best lawn mower for wet grass if you live in Arizona! Don’t waste money on stuff you don’t need, work out your requirements and then choose a push mower to match.


Power Source

Is it gas or electric? Gas push mowers are always going to be more powerful, but they come with a whole heap of added hassle and expense. With an electric push mower, once you have done, you can just put it straight back into storage, but with a gas mower, you need to clean off the remaining oil and make sure you’ve safely stored the gas. Not to mention the fact that you’ll need to ensure you’ve got a ready supply of gasoline whenever you need to take the lawn push mower out for a spin. Furthermore, Gas push mowers expel fumes that are harmful to the environment, so if you’re especially eco-conscious, then that might be a significant factor in your decision-making process.


Is this push mower suitable for the size of my lawn? Some lawn mowers might be the best lawn mower for small yards, while others are better suited to more massive expanses of the yard. If you’re getting a cordless electric mower, then make sure the battery life of the mower will last while you do your mowing. If you want your push mower to bag the trimmings, then make sure the grass collection bag is large enough to collect all of the grass from your lawn in one trip around the yard. Furthermore, different lawn mowers will have different widths of cutting deck. Narrower cutting paths are excellent for small gardens, but it will become frustrating if you’re going back and forth over a more massive stretch of grass with a 12 inches cutting deck.

buying guide of mower


Will this mower suit my storage needs? Lawn mowers come in different shapes and sizes, and different lawn mowers have various concessions towards the vault. Some have foldable parts to make them more compact, and some are lightweight and easier to carry to harder-to-reach storage locations, while some are just compact straight out of the box. If a lack of storage space is something you’re concerned about, then be sure to check if the mower you’re interested in will suit your requirements.


How much does it cost? Different lawn mowers require different amounts. You may be dazzled by all the features of a particularly eye-catching lawn mower, but check the price tag and decide if it’s genuinely worth it. Maybe there’s another push mower out there, which will have a more suitable price. Remember, the best push lawn mowers aren’t necessarily the most expensive.


Q: Are gas mowers more powerful than electric mowers?

A: Yes, although there are plenty of powerful electric lawn mowers available which can cope easily with most challenges. Gas is only essential if you have an especially tough lawn to deal with.

Q: I’m looking at a mower which says it offers mulching, bagging, and side discharge. Which of these is best?

A: It depends on your needs. Side discharge is the easiest to achieve but the least visually attractive, as it leaves noticeable clippings all over your lawn. Mulching means that the mower retains the clippings for slightly longer, where is cuts them into more delicate pieces so that when they land on the grass, they are virtually invisible, and they act as a fine layer of natural compost. Bagging means that the clippings retain inside a bag which is attached to the mower. So that you can dispose of them according to a method of your choice later on.

Q: What happens if something on my lawn mower stops working?

A: Most lawn mower manufacturers will offer replacement parts for sale, and they will all have customer service facilities to help you with any difficulties you may encounter. There’s no purpose in having one of the push mowers if it’s completely useless as soon as a part of it breaks.

Q: Do I need to be careful of leaves and weeds?

A: All of the lawn mowers on this list are durable enough to cope with leaves and plants. If you’re going to buy a very cheap model, however, then I wouldn’t be so sure.

Final Verdict

There are many, many push mowers to choose from, and it can be confusing trying to work out which one is best. Hopefully, now you know by reading this guide, you will find that task much more relaxed! Different lawn mowers have various features, advantages, pros, cons, and prices, so you need to work out precisely what you need for yourself and your yard. Using this guide, you can work out which is the best lawn mower for small yards, which is the best lawn mower for wet grass and more besides. But don’t get too caught up in wondering if x mower is better than y mower, remember, the grass is always greener on the other side!

Now, the top push mowers are out there and ready for you to buy, What’s stopping you?